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E-commerce-PortalsDo you sell your merchandise in your local area? And you are planning an E-commerce store, direct response web site or web portal, tkcinfo.com has the e-commerce expertise you need to make your on line business a success. Tkcinfo is here to  help you get your shop online so that you can sell your products outside your local area without being limited by time, even all over the world with an E-Commerce website.We understand that for one to achieve real time sales and business transactions , your website quality plays a critical role in every aspect – including design, usability, transactional efficiency and administration.

We also know that on line shoppers are even less tolerant of slow, frustrating or complicated sites than non-transactional site browsers. This means that it is absolutely vital that your on-line catalogue and product information loads smoothly and quickly and that your shopping cart and electronic check out process is absolutely secure and fool proof.

In addition to all above mentioned, you require a simple and effective content management system that assists you to update catalogues, products and prices virtually instantly without any IT skills. (This is even more important when you are establishing a portal which might be updated by many different participants of varying skills.)

We provide an easy, excellent and flexible solution for any business looking to sell products or services, online. Whether you have dozen or thousand products, this solution gives you everything you need to sell them online.
And we can make an online store for you that looks and works just as great on Smartphones as it does on desktops.
Perhaps you're excited about selling your goods or services, online, but you probably have a lot of questions.

We are here to help you with any of your questions.

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