We provide a variety of affordable web design packages, Creating interactive platforms that meets your need. Whether you need a detailed brochure style website, a website with content management system, or you want to have an online shop (E-commerce), you’re just in the right place.


Are you looking for the best way to sell your products online? we are here to help you achieve that. We offer ways and means to expand your website to keep customers informed of what’s going on in your business, to help maintain customer loyalty or to sell goods online to the world 24/7.


We offer a range of website services including ecommerce & websites, begining from initial design to a responsive, professional looking and user friendly websites. These days, it is imperative that websites be responsive so as to allow people access your site via their mobile and tablet devices.

Our Process


At the beginning of the project we take time to study, understand your business and define your objectives and goals. We ask questions that cover a wide range of topics like the business case for the project, audience, review of existing system and issues, style, color and design preferences and lots more.


Once the project scope is established, we proceed to building the system. We bring everything together and work in-house to combine the content & graphics supplied by the client, with the underlying system framework.


With the website now available for review on the hosting server, we test the website functions, transfer content and train clients on how to use the system.
At this point we work closely and refine the system to meet all requirements.


Once the site is up, we move into a support role where we take care of unforeseen issues that may arise.
Moving forward, we offer varying levels of support, from periodic individual updates to agreed monthly support contracts as well as emergency cover if required.

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major reasons why some businesses stay small

Major reasons lot of businesses stay small

Every Entrepreneur needs his/her business to grow. No one wants to remain small. But we must know that there are numerous factors that makes small businesses stay small. It could be that the owners do not have an idea on how to expand, perhaps, there are too much competition in the area of localization or […]


Some painful stages every Entrepreneurs should Expect and Embrace

When one is venturing into business, as an entrepreneur, there bound to be some bumps and bruises as you come across new challenges and experiences. For entrepreneurs, the famous saying of “No pain, no gain” is so true. As your company or business starts to grow, there will be growing pains and challenges. This is […]

how to be a successful entrepreneur

How to be a successful entrepreneur

I have come across some people who have been asking this question; how can I start up a business of my own? Well, I would like to begin by using this popular saying; that “entrepreneurs are made, but not born”. This is to tell you that anyone can become an entrepreneur, although, some families are […]

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